‘I was raped, beaten and sold from jihadi to jihadi’: Woman reveals horror of being ISIS sex slave

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A brave Yazidi woman has told the shocking story of her captivity as a sex slave and her escape from ISIS jihadists.

Farida Abbas Khalaf, 22, was captured by Islamic State soldiers and abused for four months as a sex slave.

The Iraqi student was captured in 2014 when jihadists destroyed her village and killed all of the men, including her father and older brother.

All women and children were captured and brought to the ISIS Caliphate, Blick reports.

Farida says they were abused and she was forced to watch an eight-year-old girl being raped by a soldier in front of her.

After four months as a slave, Farida managed to escape with five other women.

She said an ISIS leader had threatened to kill her so she new she had to get away.

“We had no other choice, we fled at night. In the morning we knocked on the door of a house, without knowing if IS people would live in it,” she said.

“We had luck. The people took us in for three days, but wanted money, which we paid them later. With the help of traffickers we could return to Iraq.”

Right now Farida lives in Germany, where she is trying to start a new life. She found new happiness after meeting 23-year-old Nazhan Alias Hassan, a fellow Yazidi to whom she recently got engaged.

Currently, Farida is active for the NGO ‘Yazda’, which tries to bring IS jihadists to court and to gain international recognition for the mass murder of the Yazidi minority in Iraq and Syria.

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