Wasantha Senanayake Apologises To UNP And UPFA : “Whatever I Do, One Of The Two Sides Will Get Hurt”

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UNP MP Wasantha Senanayake today apologized to his supporters for the inconvenience he caused by crossing over multiple times. 

“I don’t apologize to the MPs, but I apologize to my supporters for whatever inconvenience I have caused. I also apologize to President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. They had great trust in me,” Senanayake said, addressing a press conference at Temple Trees, a short while ago. 

Senanayake also thanked Sirisena and Rajapaksa for appointing him the Minister of Tourism and Wildlife. “It was an important Cabinet ministry. I am glad that they thought I was suitable to hold that position. I am grateful to them.”

He said he attended the Cabinet meeting last week to hand over his letter of resignation. “But I couldn’t meet the President personally that day, as he was busy. Nevertheless, I have given my resignation. I don’t intend to join the other side again.” 

“Whatever I do, one side will get hurt. I have friends on both sides. I thought long and hard before joining the UNP again, today. It wasn’t an easy decision for me,” he added. 

Senanayake also said he had serious concerns about the current state of Parliamentary democracy in Sri Lanka. 

“I didn’t attend Parliament recently. When I saw what happened in Parliament on Television, I almost cried,” Senanayake told the reporters. 

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