Muslims demolish NTJ mosque in Kekirawa


The Muslim community in Madatugama, Kekirawa has demolished a mosque belonging to the National Thowheed Jama’ath (NTJ), says Ada Derana correspondent.

The chief of the main mosque M.H.M. Akbar Khan stated that the mosque in question, funded by a foreign organization, was erected with the support of a resident in the village on a plot of land allotted to establish a library for children.

However, considering the situation prevailing in the country, the administrative committee of the main mosque in the village has decided that having another mosque in the village is uncalled for.

The plaque of the NTJ’s mosque, engraved with Arabic letters and purportedly bears the names of those who sponsored the establishment of the mosque, was also demolished by the villagers,

The Muslim villagers stated that they had maintained close relations with the Sinhalese neighbours for quite a long time and that the decision to demolish the mosque was unanimously approved by the Muslim community in the area.

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