Summon wife, son of ex FCID Director after polls: EC informs police

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The Elections Commission has informed the Acting Police Chief to consider summoning the wife and son of former Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) Director Ravi Vidyalankara after the Presidential Election.
This came following a complaint made by Ravi Vidyalankara’s son Asela to the Elections Commission that he and his mother had been summoned by the FCID to record statements.

He said the media would give wide publicity to their statements which would thus be advantageous to a certain presidential candidate. He, therefore, requested the commission to give a date after November 20 so that they could make the statements.

He had lodged his complaint to the commission through a lawyer on Thursday.

Accordingly, the commission informed the Acting IGP to consider summonsing them after the presidential election.

(Daily Mirror)
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